Oasys Blockchain Lists Games and dApps on DappRadar

Oasys Blockchain Lists Games and dApps on DappRadar

Oasys, a popular gaming-optimized blockchain platform, has reached a notable milestone in its journey by announcing the listing of its diverse range of games and Decentralized Applications (DApps) on DappRadar, the world’s leading dApp store. This collaboration not only enhances the accessibility of Oasys’ unique gaming and Web3 offerings but also amplifies its visibility in the blockchain gaming industry.

Oasys’ Mission

Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys, commented on the integration, stating:

“By leveraging DappRadar’s extensive reach and user-friendly interface, we are confident that more gamers and blockchain enthusiasts will discover and engage with the unique experiences we offer.”

Oasys employs a unique dual-layer architecture, comprising the Hub Layer and Layer-2 (Verse Layers), ensuring network stability and scalability. The Hub Layer serves as an EVM-compatible Proof-of-Stake ecosystem, offering a robust foundation. On the other hand, Layer-2 allows for customization and flexibility, enabling each gaming company or individual game on Oasys to operate on its dedicated Verse Layer.

With the integration, DappRadar, renowned as the go-to destination for discovering Decentralized Applications, digital assets, and NFTs, will now feature Oasys’ various dApps and games. The platform’s search filters also allow users to explore dApps on different Verses within Oasys, enhancing the overall user experience.

This integration makes Oasys projects easily discoverable and trackable for users, providing a convenient way for visitors to locate and access them directly from the Rankings and the dedicated Oasys chain page.

Developers within the Oasys ecosystem also stand to gain from this collaboration. The ability to submit current and future DApp projects to DappRadar for free opens up new avenues for visibility and user engagement. This seamless integration into DappRadar’s distribution network broadens the potential user base for developers, providing them with a valuable opportunity to showcase their creations.

Top Performers on DappRadar Rankings

As a testament to the quality and popularity of Oasys projects, five of them have already secured positions in the Top 30 of the Games category on DappRadar, based on Unique Active Wallets (UAW) as of January 11.

Notably, play-to-earn games like Chain Colosseum Phoenix and OasChoice have claimed spots in the top 10, with ChainArena, Goga, and SingSong following closely in the top 30. These achievements underscore the diversity and creativity within the Oasys ecosystem.

Chain Colosseum Phoenix is a Web3 game with Game-Fi elements, allowing players to earn in-game currency by battling monsters. Oas Choice is a price prediction game where players can earn OAS, the native token of Oasys, by making accurate predictions. Oas Choice adds a gamified element to the blockchain space.

Goga is a Web3 education protocol that transforms learning through engaging experiences and financial incentives. SingSing connects web3 technology with physical singing activities, and ChainArena is an action-packed Idle-RPG crossover featuring characters from Skull Warriors and ChainGuardians.

Overall, Oasys’ listing on DappRadar marks a crucial moment in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. As the blockchain gaming industry continues to grow, Oasys stands at the forefront, ready to captivate a broader audience through its innovative dApps and games.

Oasys Blockchain Lists Games and dApps on DappRadar