Notcoin, P2E Game on Telegram, Hits Over 4.1 Million Users in Just One Week

Notcoin, P2E Game on Telegram, Hits Over 4.1 Million Users in Just One Week

Notcoin, a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game built on the TON blockchain, has achieved unprecedented success by amassing over 4.1 million users within just one week after its official launch.

Spearheaded by the Open Builders team at Gateway 2023 in Dubai, Notcoin’s phenomenal growth, driven by Telegram‘s viral social mechanics, has even outpaced the rapid adoption of ChatGPT, which reached 1 million users in an impressive 5 days.

Notcoin’s Transformation From Memecoin to Global Sensation

Notcoin’s journey began as a simple clicker Telegram Mini App game in mid-November 2023. Developed by a relatively unknown team with no major projects to their name, Notcoin started as a meme coin with zero expectations, lacking a whitepaper and providing minimal information about the game. Despite these unconventional beginnings, the beta version attracted nearly 500,000 players within the first month, exceeding expectations.

Upon the official launch on January 1, 2024, Notcoin experienced an explosive surge in its user base, reaching a staggering 4.1 million players in just one week. This remarkable achievement, accomplished without spending a dime on advertising, underscores the power of Telegram’s engagement and interaction among its users.

Notcoin’s viral success can be ascribed to its simple onboarding procedure. Unlike many GameFi projects, Notcoin didn’t require players to jump through hoops to start playing. By reducing entry barriers and allowing any Telegram user to play for free, the game used the power of word-of-mouth referrals. Players were motivated to recommend friends, resulting in a self-sustaining viral loop that catapulted Notcoin to widespread adoption.

Notcoin’s Gameplay Mechanics

At the core of Notcoin’s gameplay is the tap-2-earn mechanism, where players mine new Notcoin by tapping the Notcoin icon on their mobile devices. The straightforward gameplay involves accumulating Notcoin through taps, with each tap rewarding a specific amount. Players can purchase boosts to enhance their mining experience, increasing Notcoin per tap, reducing recovery time, and expanding the maximum Notcoin energy.

The introduction of Boosts and Boosters further enhanced the gaming experience, allowing players to upgrade and customize their profiles. Boosts, purchased with Notcoin, enable players to enhance their mining capabilities. These upgrades include increasing Notcoin per tap, decreasing recovery time, and expanding the maximum Notcoin energy.

Temporary Boosters offer short-term advantages, such as tripling Notcoin per tap or instantly recharging energy limits. Boosts include Multitap, Energy Limits, Recharging Speed, and the Auto Tap Bot 2.0.

Beyond mining, Notcoin offers an “Earn” functionality, where players receive rewards for completing tasks like inviting friends, joining squads, and achieving milestones. This multi-faceted approach adds depth to the game, encouraging engagement and offering additional avenues for Notcoin accumulation.

The introduction of Squads adds a layer of community-driven engagement, with players forming groups linked to specific Telegram channels. These squads foster collaboration, competition, and a sense of community, contributing to Notcoin’s ongoing success.

Furthermore, Notcoin’s viral growth is heavily reliant on its referral system. Players sharing referral links with friends not only boost their earnings but also become ambassadors for the game.

While Notcoin is currently an in-game asset with no real-world value, the listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko hint at an imminent mint and token launch on the TON blockchain. The Notcoin community eagerly awaits this development, anticipating the transition from an in-game asset to a tradable cryptocurrency.

Notcoin, P2E Game on Telegram, Hits Over 4.1 Million Users in Just One Week