Solana: Crypto’s Next Apple? Co-Founder Shares Bold Vision For The Blockchain’s Future

Solana is a layer-1 blockchain that has been making waves in the crypto industry since its launch in 2020. The co-founder, Raj Gokal, recently spoke to TechCrunch+ about the potential of Solana to become the “Apple of crypto.”

Solana Co-Founder Thinks Its Blockchain Could Rival Apple’s Success

According to Gokal, Apple’s success can be attributed to its relentless focus on user experience and performance. He believes Solana shares this same focus and is working to create a network that feels like the regular Internet but is an entirely new financial Internet. Gokal stated that creating a seamless user experience is key to the success of any platform, whether it is a smartphone or a blockchain network.

To achieve this, Solana is working on creating a fast, efficient, and scalable network. Furthermore, according to Gokal, Solana’s core engineering and ecosystem are focused on creating a network that is easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. 

Solana is also creating new products and services that make accessing crypto platforms and applications easier for users. One of these products is the Saga smartphone, which rolled out to the public in April. 

The Saga smartphone is designed to make it easier for users to access crypto products and services. It is a web3-focused Android smartphone optimized for using decentralized applications and accessing blockchain-based services.

Accessing crypto products and services traditionally required a computer and some technical expertise. This made it challenging for many people to get involved in the industry and hindered its growth and adoption. However, with the Saga smartphone, users can access crypto products and services through their phone, which is a device that most people are familiar with and use daily.

By making crypto more accessible through the Saga smartphone, Solana is aiming to attract a wider audience to the industry. This is essential for the growth and adoption of the industry, as it will help increase the number of users and businesses involved in the ecosystem. 

Moreover, Gokal believes that Solana’s focus on creating a network that is easy to use and accessible to everyone will be key to its success. He believes the network’s core thesis focuses on new businesses, new projects, and independent developers, which will keep the ecosystem fresh and competitive. 

Gokal also believes that the community is optimistic about what two developers in a garage can do and that this will drive innovation and growth within the Solana ecosystem.

Solana’s co-founder believes that the blockchain can be crypto’s next Apple due to its relentless focus on user experience and performance. By creating a network that is fast, efficient, and scalable and by developing new products and services that make crypto more accessible to a wider audience, Solana is positioning itself as a leader in the industry.


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