DigiToads Presale is thriving in the crypto market alongside Metropoly and Metacade

DigiToads Presale is thriving in the crypto market alongside Metropoly and Metacade

Today, cryptocurrency initiatives pop up like mushrooms after a rainstorm. Some of these endeavours have received widespread attention, while others are still in the shadows.

Nonetheless, the lesser-known ventures typically offer the greatest potential. DigiToads, Metropoly, and Metacade are just three of many projects making waves in the cryptocurrency market.

DigiToads Overview

DigiToads is a new Ethereum-based project featuring a web3 game that may be played to earn real rewards. DigiToads NFTs are available for purchase and can be used as virtual pets that players can nurture and train to help them succeed in battle.

At the end of each gaming season, the top 25% of players on the leaderboard receive 50% of the prize pool money raised through in-game sales. The NFT staking pools available on DigiToads are another way its users generate passive revenue.

Additionally, TOADS is a deflationary token, meaning users are guaranteed to see the profits simply by holding. 2% of each TOADS transaction is automatically burned, constantly reducing the quantity of TOADS supply and increasing its value. 

DigiToads is in its presale stage, with each TOADS token valued at $0.01. The price is scheduled to increase by 5.5x, so entering early in this thriving ecosystem will likely award you generously. 

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What’s Metacade?

Metacade, also in the presale phase, is another play-to-earn token with a sophisticated incentive scheme powered by blockchain technology. 

GameFi blends gaming with financial incentives, offering gamers crypto prizes via integrated play-to-earn (P2E) mechanisms. 

As an online arcade, Metacade aims to provide a vast selection of different online games with P2E mechanisms and is believed to bring significant changes to the crypto industry. In Metacade, users can earn MCADE tokens by completing an endless number of levels or by competing in ranking tournaments for large crypto prizes. 

Why Metropoly?

Metropoly is a decentralized NFT marketplace for selling and acquiring Real Estate NFTs (RENs). Owning the NFT gives you legal title to the underlying real estate asset that supports each REN. Yet, Metropoly prioritizes fractional ownership over full access to a single NFT.

Metropoly’s mission is to enable ordinary people to participate in real estate on a global scale through fractional ownership. Users can earn passive income through a monthly rent payment by purchasing a fractional interest in the NFTs associated with these properties. 

The bottom line

The cryptocurrency industry is dynamic, with new initiatives continuously entering the market. And DigiToads, Metropoly, and Metacade are initiatives worthy of profound observation.

With their distinct qualities and intriguing potential, they could quickly become the next big stars of the crypto industry.

For More Information on DigiToads:  

Visit The Website: https://digitoads.world

Presale Registration: https://buy.digitoads.world

Join The Community: Linktr.ee/digitoads

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