Bunzz To Expand Its Smart Contract Hub Following Its $4.5 Million Seed Round

Bunzz To Expand Its Smart Contract Hub Following Its $4.5 Million Seed Round

Bunzz, a Web3 development platform for decentralized applications, is excited to announce the completion of its Seed round, raising $ 4.5 million.

Many investors participated in the Seed round, including DG Daiwa Ventures, gjmp, Ceres, and Coincheck. According to the Bunzz team, this new funding will go into helping build Bunzz’s Smart Contract Hub, which is already being used by more than 8000 dApp developers. 

Launched in 2022, Bunzz offers a modularized version of frequently used smart contracts. Since its launch, Bunzz has established a strong track record with over 8000 dApp developers using the platform and more than 3000 dAppp projects having deployed on-chain.

Freely available, Bunzz was created to build the on-chain side of dApp. Bunzz simplified previous complex development processes, making it convenient for all developers. To simplify this process, Bunzz provides frequently used contracts as modules, wraps the preparation of nodes, and has launched a development environment. Bunzz offers a lot of functions, including the Bunzz Console, Bunzz Smart Contract, Bunzz SDK, Bunzz Monitoring, and more. 

So far, Bunzz’s NFT smart contract modules included but are not limited to NFT (IPFS Mintable), NFT (Breedable), NFT (Custom-URI), Simple Marketplace (For NFT),  NFT (Royalties), Auction Marketplace (NFT), NFT (ERC721) and more. The Bunzz DeFi related modules include Token (ERC20), Token (ERC20 Capped), TokenERC20DAOToken, ReflectionToken and MultiToken (ERC1155)

While commenting on the project, Kenta Akutsu, CEO and Co-Founder of Bunzz, stated:

“Bunzz ultimately aims to become web3’s equivalent to Docker Hub. Immutable smart contracts on the blockchain are open programs, also called ‘public goods,’ because anyone can access and use them without permission. However, the usage flow and the logic of their operation are difficult to understand, making it inconvenient for engineers who want to reuse them. Bunzz aims to solve this problem by incentivizing creators of smart contract modules to create more accurate coding and documentation. Please feel free to contact us via Twitter or discord.”

Bunzz is reportedly on one the largest dApp development infrastructures in Asia. The project was featured on the Web3 development infrastructure chaos map created by Coinbase and was a finalist in Icetea Lab. Icetea Lab is the most extensive Web3 accelerator program in Singapore.