X-eleven’s Fintech for the Post-Fiat Era is Conquering the Market

X-eleven’s Fintech for the Post-Fiat Era is Conquering the Market

The digitalization of financial services and payments leads to people losing control over their money. Unfortunately, it is impossible to solve this problem within the fiat system. That is why the world needs new, innovative financial services that work without fiat. Last week we received information about a new player entering the market and preparing for the launch of innovative fintech products. This is the company X-eleven.

Current market conditions

The global economic crisis, high inflation, over-regulation and other difficulties are leading to a breaking point in the entire fiat monetary system. As a result, there is a trend in the world for cryptocurrencies to actually become part of the mainstream as an alternative financial system and replace fiat.

But in order for this to happen, essential companies must make it possible to introduce cryptocurrencies into the everyday life of the mass user. Traditional banks, brokers and marketplaces can no longer cope with this task; they are afraid to introduce cryptocurrencies and use them little. The basis of their business is operations with fiat, so it is difficult for them to develop an innovative new approach.

At the same time, cryptocurrency startups are habitually content with crypto markets and work with the user audience they are already accustomed to and do not set the goal of scaling the business to the mass user.

A new generation of companies is needed to scale cryptocurrencies and create an alternative financial system. They must simultaneously combine the business approach of traditional corporations with the development of legal solutions and the creation of a user-friendly product for the mass audience with the introduction of innovation, including cryptocurrencies.

About X-eleven

X-eleven is a next-generation company in finance, banking and asset management. At the moment, the company is working on the creation of innovative fintech products: the Bank 11 neobank and the X11 Finance decentralized hedge fund. Both X-eleven products use only cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in settlements with clients. 

Last week the company launched a public pool of the X11 Finance hedge fund. This is a pool investing in crypto with advanced long-term strategies. Another X-eleven project – Bank 11, has completed its work on the alpha version of its banking app. Now it’s ready to launch, and the bank is looking for investments to scale this project on a large audience. In the future, X-eleven plans to create other non-fiat services using blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

X-eleven’s business approach is unique. It is the world’s first major non-fiat fintech company, developing non-fiat banking through neobank Bank 11 and brokerage activities through the decentralized hedge fund X11 Finance.

More about Bank 11

Today, transactions through blockchains like Ethereum have issues while providing payments of goods and services because there is no verification of the counterparty. Bank 11 will solve this issue – there will be a developed infrastructure where the bank has no control over customer funds, no licenses, and no fiat. Currency transactions are possible only in stablecoins. The system defines the user’s identity if you provide operations in the system. Any user can send a transaction to a counterparty in a couple of seconds, and it only costs a dollar. 

Bank 11 also provides crypto lending. Any user can get a loan backed by BTC or ETH. It also has p2p loans as a service for people who have free money in USDT and want to give a Bank 11 client a loan; they can use this service and get additional income. There will also be crypto acquiring, which will work like Web 3.0 and help international businesses in some countries.

The main audience of Bank 11 includes freelancers, small and medium businesses working in different countries, and online businesses.

Bank 11 is a hybrid bank. From decentralized solutions, it provides fast and private transactions; from centralized solutions – instant KYC and security. Bank 11 is the only bank in the world that does not control customer funds and does not use fiat money. There are no other financial institutions like it in the world.

Neobank Bank 11 is fundamentally different from all other banks and financial institutions. It is not a traditional bank, not a crypto-bank or a payment service with crypto-card issuance, and not a DeFi protocol. Neobank Bank 11 uses only cryptocurrencies and stablecoins for settlements with users and combines the DeFi and CeFi approaches.

About X11 Finance

The decentralized hedge fund X11 Finance invests in cryptocurrencies, traditional stocks and pre-IPO. The fund does not use fiat and guarantees user privacy, using an advanced solution in the form of NFT.

All investment decisions are ultimately made by X11 Finance pool participants who invest in the fund. Investing simultaneously in crypto assets and the stock market, the X11 Team diversifies client risk.

About X-eleven Founder

The founder of X-eleven is entrepreneur Pavel Andreev. Pavel is not new to the crypto industry: he started with blockchain technologies as early as 2016 when he began working in international consulting. At that time, Pavel was engaged in the operational support of businesses in the sphere of digital assets.

At the moment, Pavel is the head of the consulting company Wall Street Partner Inc, specializing primarily in legal services and interaction with banks. Pavel’s partners include leading lawyers and specialists in cryptocurrency regulation. The main regions where the company operates are North and South America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Pavel’s accumulated expertise with crypto-assets since 2016 is summarized in his book “101 Questions about Cryptocurrencies”.


Thus, X-eleven products are fintech applications for the post-fiat era, when fiat will leave circulation and mass use of cryptocurrencies will replace it. X-eleven is an innovative fintech company of the future for the new global financial system.

At the same time, X-eleven is a professional financial market player, and its founder Pavel Andreev combines extensive experience in traditional finance and investments with deep competencies in the blockchain. His versatile business development experience as a serial entrepreneur and successful crypto investor is one of the strategic advantages of X-eleven, the newest fintech company for the post-fiat era. The company’s products are currently in the launch phase, and they are looking for partners to scale.