MEXC Announces Launch of Its Zero Maker Fee Event for Futures Orders

MEXC Announces Launch of Its Zero Maker Fee Event for Futures Orders

The world’s top liquidity provider and cryptocurrency trading platform, MEXC, has revealed plans to launch its much-anticipated “Zero Maker Fee” event for futures orders.

Following a recent announcement, MEXC is set to provide all futures users on its platform with more optimized futures products. With the event scheduled to commence on the 1st of December, MEXC has emerged as the only platform in the world that offers zero maker fee for futures pending orders.

The new development reflects the platform’s commitment to providing users with a more exciting futures trading experience. Also, it proves the platform’s strict adherence to its service philosophy which quotes, “Users first, MEXC’s Changing for you”.

The VP of MEXC, Andrew Weiner, commented on this saying, “In 2022, we will focus on optimizing futures products and basic liquidity according to users’ needs. Presently, our liquidity has reached rank 1 globally amongst the top 50 trading platforms by market value.”

MEXC Becomes the World’s Top Liquidity Provider

Following MEXC’s unrelenting efforts for greater efficiency and enhancing its liquidity services, the platform ranked as the world’s top liquidity provider in September 2022. In recent times, MEXC has also disclosed the growth of its contract businesses. More interestingly, the platform announced that its daily trading volume had surpassed an average of 1,200%.

Before the launch of MEXC’s Zero Maker Fee service, the platform has consistently launched and upgraded its futures products since late 2018. The platform also upgraded its futures products after it launched the second-level K-line function a few months ago.

In addition to offering users a better trading experience, the upgraded futures products apparently satisfied the needs of users for more timely and intuitive transaction information. It basically allows users to experience real-time prices, trading volume, order depth, and more exciting and technical features.