The 8 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Australia in 2022

This article will share the eight best cryptocurrencies to invest in Australia in 2022. So, if you’re based in Australia and planning to invest in crypto this year, this article will help you make the best decision.

In the same way, Australian investors are increasingly financing cryptocurrencies and adding them to their investment portfolios for diversity. In addition, there are around 15,000 cryptocurrencies, which are growing every day.

Because of that, choosing a suitable virtual currency to invest in is one of the essential elements in achieving a positive return on investment. Indeed, we want that you don’t lose money on bad choices. Further, to ensure your investment goes on the right, you must know how to buy bitcoin in Australia, the ways, and the steps guide. Generally, people pick the most well-known coins when investing in cryptocurrencies in Australia.

However, there are varied causes for picking a well-known cryptocurrency. Reason number one is security issues.

If you’re a beginner, it’s very important to learn how to buy bitcoin in Australia. Read on to get begun with the best Australian cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Top 8 Profitable Cryptocurrency in Australia in 2022

Here’re eight of the most profitable cryptocurrencies you can invest in after finding the perfect one. Let’s say something about each one below.

Bitcoin (BTC) – The Most Popular Cryptocurrency 2022

In addition, Bitcoin has been around for the most extended of any cryptocurrency. It was the first cryptocurrency publicized in 2009, celebrating the start of the cryptocurrency generation. Thus, it launched the foundation of digital money.

Furthermore, Bitcoin is still the most famous cryptocurrency for Australians to fund. Likewise, Bitcoin is the first decentralized online money, permitting wallet holders to achieve quick, safe, and cost-effective P2P trades.

Beyond all this, using Bitcoin, you may earn houses, luxury items, automobiles, services, food, and beverages, among other items. Despite this, numerous vendors now approach Bitcoin as gold instead of digital money.

Hence, Nakamoto restricted the total number to 21 million coins, and Bitcoin has evolved significantly expensive as its circulation has fallen. Moreover, Bitcoin gained a record of $65,000 in April 2021. But it may seem just overstated to indicate that it will shortly exceed $100,000. Bitcoin will surprise us soon as it did before.

 Ethereum (ETH) – Trade Just Anything With

Ether (ETH) is the native currency on the Ethereum network, a well-known open-source ledger technology that allows decentralization. Thus, in 2013, Vitalik Buterin created the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ether. After that, in July 2015, the Ethereum blockchain became online, with 72 million ETH currencies pre-mined.

Except for Bitcoin, there is no lid on the number of Ether that may develop, making it potentially more adaptable. Further, those confused about which cryptocurrency to invest in should consider Ether. Despite this, Ethereum is open at significant sales that allow you to buy cryptocurrency online in Australia.

Furthermore, it has a variety of real-world applications. Its biggest power, though, is undoubtedly its fundamental ties to the Ethereum blockchain, which has overall recognition and credibility.

Also, its declared ambition is to allow users to “codify, secure, decentralize, and trade just about anything.”

Therefore, if completely recognized, it can boost whole economies. Moreover, Ether itself has extremely speedy transaction times. Also, its market worth has even risen dramatically over the last five years.

Accordingly, numerous top billionaires who purchase cryptocurrency in Australia visit cryptocurrency exchanges daily to grow their Ether asset portfolio. As a result, it is calculated that the importance of Ethereum will be at $7,190 by the end of December 2022. Great news for you.

Dogecoin (DOGE) – The Most Attractive Coin

DOGE has to be one of the leading cryptocurrencies to purchase this 2022. Dogecoin is one of the most attractive coins. Particularly with Elon Musk spearheading the discussion on Twitter every time.

Further, it is supported by one of the most significant futures in crypto. The community behind it also keeps pushing. Also, the coin, which utilizes an image of the Shiba Inu as its avatar, is accepted as a form of payment by some major companies, including the Dallas Mavericks, Kronos, and SpaceX, an American aerospace factory possessed by Elon Musk.

Hence, Dogecoin was made by two software engineers, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, in 2013. However, Markus and Palmer reportedly produced the coin as a parody, commenting on the wild hypothesis of the cryptocurrency market.

So the fee of DOGE hit an all-time high of approximately 0.74 cents during the week when Musk was scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live.

Litecoin (LTC) – Litecoin – Second Bitcoin

Accordingly, Litecoin (LTC) was established in 2011. Surely, it was the first cryptocurrency to follow in the footsteps of Bitcoin. Also, it has usually been referred to as “silver to Bitcoin’s gold.”

Hence, Charlie Lee, an MIT graduate and former Google engineer designed it.

Furthermore, Litecoin is founded on an open-source international payment network. It’s not maintained by any central authority and uses the script as a PoW, which can be decoded with the help of consumer-grade central processing units (CPUs).

Thus, Litecoin is like Bitcoin in many forms. For example, it has a quicker block generation rate and thus proposes a faster trade confirmation time. As a result, other than developers, numerous sellers accept Litecoin.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – The Great Investment Choice

Bitcoin Cash is the result of a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, which happened in August 2017. It is a crypto that focuses on peer-to-peer online transactions and wants to make paying with crypto easy, simple, and cheap.

If you believe that cryptocurrency will continue to grow, you would also believe that Bitcoin will become less and less usable for typical transactions. But on the other hand, if you think that Bitcoin Cash and its workable solution to the scaling problem are the future of peer-to-peer transactions, then Bitcoin Cash is a wise investment choice.

US Dollar Coin (USDC) – Great and Steady Coin

Truly, US Dollar Coin (USDC) is another great and steady coin. It’s exchangeable on a 1:1 basis for US dollars, funded by dollar-denominated assets kept in segregated accounts with US-regulated financial institutions.

Likewise, USDC is charged by Ethereum. It makes a stablecoin just like Tether. Hence, the use case of USDC is similar to USDT. Such as investors utilizing it for arbitrage or crypto conversion opportunities.

Ripple (XRP) – Low Transaction Fees

The XRP is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies on this list. Surely, it’s a helpful token providing lower transaction fees and fast transactions. In addition, it helps make cross-border financial transactions more efficient. Hence, by working with financial institutions, Ripple lowers currency exchange rates and provides real-time exchange rates.

Further,Ripple, the company that issued XRP, has proved its reputation as the most sought-after partner of many countries in creating digital currencies. Also, Ripple’s technology is being operated by hundreds of banks to promote transactions across the world.

Before Ripple, banks usually had to use intermediates for cross-border transactions. Indeed, these were costly and could take days to finish. But, Ripple has significantly improved efficiencies in how cross-border transactions operate. For an investor, this shows that Ripple is providing real matter in the world beyond the basic stock or exchange of value premise.

Tether (USDT)

Unlike some cryptocurrency rivals, Tether is a type of ‘stable coin.’ Stable coins attempt to peg their market value to an external reference. For Tether, this indicates it’s backed by regular ‘fiat’ currencies such as UK pounds, US dollars, or the euro and hypothetically holds importance equal to one of those denominations.

As a result, Tether’s value, the theory runs, ought to be more consistent than other cryptocurrencies. Also, it cares to be favored by investors who are wary of the extreme volatility of other coins.


This article is a clear walkthrough of the eight best cryptocurrencies you must invest in if you are based in Australia. Which one offers an attractive upside potential for you in 2022.It’s time to find your best crypto that is perfect for you and make your first investment(if you’re a beginner). Then, start investing full of safety, low cost, and the simplest way.

Further, choosing one specific cryptocurrency as the best investment in Australia is not easy. So if you’re new to cryptocurrency, and looking for the best token for beginners, then start with Bitcoin.



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