Get Educated On The Student Coin ICO With Only Two Weeks Left To Go

The cryptocurrency industry is exploding in interest in every sector from DeFi to NFTs and more, but the technology still has a road left ahead before accessibility and education catch up with the innovation offered.

In an effort to bridge that gap and make crypto-centric applications like DeFi easily accessible and understood by all, the Student Coin team has launched a groundbreaking initial coin offering that has roughly two weeks left before time has run out on the presale. Here’s more about the Student Coin project and team, the STC Wallet, and what together they plan to provide the cryptocurrency community for years to come.

Student Coin ICO Ends On April 30: What You Need To Know

Because there’s urgency involved, the first lesson on Student Coin focuses on the ICO with only days left remaining. The opportunity to get in on this initial coin offering expires as of April 30.

Student Coin allows users to “easily design, create, and manage personal, corporate, NFT, and DeFi tokens” and has raised over $57.5 million in funds to date for the innovative and ambitious project. Crypto investors seeking to participate in what ultimately could become a key pillar of industry growth can access the Student Coin initial coin offering through the Student Coin app.

The STC Wallet And What It Offers

Central to the Student Coin experience is the STC Wallet. The wallet has been designed with the simplicity of user experience in mind and has a clean, clear visual presentation.

The STC Wallet is a treasure trove of features, with arguably the most valuable area being the Staking section. Deep insights are provided on daily and periodic returns, as well as a visual graph to track performance. The STC Wallet can also be used to keep tabs on total portfolio ROI, perform quick token swaps, and much more. 

DeFi And NFT Terminal Coming, Premium Token Exchange On The Way

The Student Coin team is building a terminal in the future that allows anyone – individual or business – to quickly develop and launch their own NFT or DeFi tokens and manage the entire experience suite through a set of high-tech tools.

Furthermore, according to immediate plans, the company is working on a token exchange that offers both popular tokens from across the crypto market and premium tokens available exclusively through Student Coin.

According to the company roadmap, premium tokens will begin listing soon, and there are ambitious goals to disrupt the entire crypto market with various tools focused on accessibility. The first of these premium tokens that will be tokenized on the STC Exchange is Smart Marketing Token.

The Student Coin Team: Spreading The Message Of Education Across Crypto

The Student Coin project was founded by CEO Wojciech Podobas, who is joined by a series of students and educators from top universities globally. These brilliant minds came together with the goal of adapting education for crypto and helping to push adoption along.

Critical to such growth in both Student Coin and the industry itself is education. The company has a complete educational panel in the works that features guides on how to get into the technology and learn using easy to understand language. Content ranges from wallets to investing to detailed information about top crypto assets.

Student Coin Demand Causes Token To Surge By 900%, Learn More

All of this is just the start, with the ICO still lasting until April 30. Interest and demand are strong, however, with the hard cap being reached in only sixty days when the company expected ninety. Downloads of the Student Coin app on Google Play and Apple’s App Store for iOS set a record 30K downloads in the first seven days after going live.

According to CoinMarketCap data, Student Coin ROI already has reached more than 900%, and it is only beginning to make its way into the market. 

You can follow Student Coin on social media for real-time updates from the firm as they happen ahead of the token rolling out across more crypto exchanges in the next coming weeks. To learn more, you can also visit the official website.

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