Making your Bitcoin Transactions Truly Anonymous

Making your Bitcoin Transactions Truly Anonymous

Bitcoin’s founder, the famously anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, holds the ability to keep your dealings private in high regard. But while Satoshi has been able to remain in the shadows, most other BTC holders are much easier to track down.

Bitcoin is not as anonymous as many people in the cryptocurrency community are led to believe. In fact, it could be quite easy to track an address and connect identity to it. Satoshi Nakamoto himself explained the ways people get outed on the blockchain. 

“The possibility to be anonymous or pseudonymous relies on you not revealing any identifying information about yourself in connection with the bitcoin addresses you use. If you post your bitcoin address on the web, then you’re associating that address and any transactions with it with the name you posted under. If you posted under a handle that you haven’t associated with your real identity, then you’re still pseudonymous.”

Simply put, all the transactions on the blockchain are visible for anyone to see. At any point if you allow your address to be known to the public, you’re transactions will be able to be viewed. 

This is where comes in. Bitcoin mixers, or tumblers as they are also referred to, are tools that users can use to help conceal their identities and gain more financial privacy. By using’s services you can make it hard for outside parties to view your transactions because they literally get mixed in with others. 

When you send your BTC to they take a small fee to send you an equivalent amount of BTC from other transactions to your new secret address. The fees are between 2 and 5 percent, and users can actually choose how much they pay to move your transaction up on the priority list. Users of are also safe from data collection. No logs are stored, so there is no information to offer possibly nefarious parties. And the system is fully automated which allows the information to be set for removal without any human eyes viewing it. 

From companies or governments blocking your services to creepy stalkers trying to track you down, there is no shortage of reasons to enhance your privacy with a Bitcoin mixer.